How to care for Winter Creeper (Euonymus fortunei)

Euonymus fortunei Blondy

Winter Creeper, Fortune’s Spindle, Spindle

Winter Creeper (Euonymus fortunei), also known as Fortune’s Spindle, is a low maintenance and evergreen shrub. It can be used as ground cover for sunny to shady places. Creeping and compact growing cultivars with green and colored leaves are available.

Plant care

Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety
Winter Creeper (Euonymus fortunei “Emerald Gaiety”)

Light requirements

Full sun to full shade. Cultivars with white or yellow variegated leaves need some sunlight so that their leaves can colour intensively.

Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety

Soil requirements

Euonymus fortunei is adaptive to humus-rich, sandy-loamy or sandy soil but does best under average conditions.

Euonymus fortunei Blondy
Euonymus fortunei “Blondy”

Moisture requirements

Tolerates dryness for a short time but will grow better if kept evenly moist the year round.

Euonymus fortunei Blondy

Hardiness zone

Z 5 (-24 °C / -11.2 °F)

Euonymus fortunei Harlequin
Euonymus fortunei “Harlequin”

Quick facts

Life Cycle

Evergreen shrub




With support, for example through a tree, shoots can reach several feet in length.

Flowering time

Only adult plants are flowering.


Yes, especially the seeds are poisonous.

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